Dale Robertson is a bigot

Tue, Jan 5, 2010


Dale Robertson, the head of, and the man who is devoted to “developing strategy to bring the Republic back under the control of ‘We The People.’” is a bigot (not to mention a poor speller.) Disagree? We offer this recent photo as evidence in support of our claim.

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5 Responses to “Dale Robertson is a bigot”

  1. Chris Says:

    Haha. I just went to and he’s got a banner that says, “stop healthcare now”!! Like, just healthcare?


  2. Garry Says:

    The tea party people are just basic ignorant and blind as expected.
    It is called mental laziness. it doesn’t take a racket scientist to understand what is happening. The big is using the dumb to get bigger
    Here are some facts.
    The bail out had to happen otherwise you and me would get f..ked for real and I mean that. The bank would shot it’s door with my money and declares bankruptcy. There would be nothing I could do so the president stopped it by keeping them in business. Millions of bank workers would have lost there jobs plus their money invested in the banks. The perfect example is Bernie Madoff. All his investors are f.cked.
    imagine all public workers lost their jobs which are many of these Tea Party people.

    Now with the Health care: Someone even died in front of a camera just because she didn’t have a “healthcare card”. My wife co-worker’s dad died waiting in a hospital for the same reason. My son at the time 4 years old was left with an asthma for 8 hours by the time he was seen, it was…to cry.

    The big bankers, doctors and health insurance companies and gun companies pay the big voices to influence idiots and bigots because they know how weak they are. They are so proud to sign their own lives and death while the big shots are laughing. they can’t see their destruction ahead because of their hate.
    A doctor will tell them to sign their house as collateral to him or the hospital if their health care isn’t enough. One day a bank in around next day gone with no trace. can even go to a church cause everyone has a gun. Will that be judgment day or “Les parasite vie au depend de ceux qui l’ecoutent” say La Fontaine. (The parasites live upon those it can be fed)

    Sometime, you ask yourself…Why?


  3. Kevin, Critically Skeptic Says:

    Not only is he a bigot… he can’t spell.


  4. Kari Bennett Says:

    I’m speechless. They’re all stupid sheep.


  5. HiggetyPiggety Says:

    Until humans stop “fearing” others to action…

    Until humans choose to act via knowledge and compassion…

    … we all loose.

    And, greedy, self-centered Americans lead the way.


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