eHarmony is a bigot

Tue, Oct 13, 2009


It’s about six months since eHarmony launched “Compatible Partners“, the website they were forced to create as part of their settlement of a discrimination complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General. eHarmony made several long-term promises and commitments as part of this settlement, including the following:

We have made the commitment to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office that we will put our business effort behind the new site to make it successful.”

An assertion to which we can only reply:


As one would expect from a site founded by a lunatic homosexual-hating evangelical Christian like Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony have done their level best to drag the chain and comply only nominally with the court-backed settlement.

Let’s have a look at the “eHarmony vs Compatible Partners checklist” (click through for full-size) published over at eHarmony blog to see how eHarmony, who spend $10M in advertising a month, have done so far flexing their marketing muscle on behalf of Compatible Partners.


Wowzers. Pretty damning. For interest’s sake, let’s now take a look at’s landing page, as it appears today (click through to view it full size).


Wow, sure does offer a lot of information. And sure does sound enthusiastic! Success stories, how-to guides, dating advice articles, photos plastered everywhere of grinning couples in LERV!

… and now lets take a look at the Compatible Partners landing page (as above, click through for the full-size image)


Now even aside from the hilarious fact that all the photos on the Compatible Partners are of the straightest-looking bunch of “gay” people the stock photography world can provide (and that none of the photos are of actual site users or of couples facing the camera–in stark contrast to eHarmony’s love-in landing page of hetero heaven) there is a DISCLAIMER on the page ABOVE THE FOLD, which essentially amounts to “The system we’re using to match people on this site probably doesn’t work. For you homos. Hey, soz!”

I mean, this is a site clearly designed to fail; to be swept under the carpet, ignored, and never mentioned sans imminent threat of coercion. Reflecting, I’m sure, the eHarmony top brass’s wishlist when it comes to homosexual society.

And like eHarmony blog, we find outselves having to wonder:  can someone sue somebody for court order non-compliance? And have eHarmony’s marketing department  considered taking their backroom high-fiving, handkerchief-sniggering brand of homo-hate to the Westboro Baptist Church?

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15 Responses to “eHarmony is a bigot”

  1. daniel Says:

    what is the problem with them having a website for straight people only? its not their fucking job to cater to every fucking demographic of people. find a different gay dating website if you dont like eharmonys one.


    • admin Says:

      You don’t get to choose whether or not you comply with a settlement.


    • justelise Says:

      Exactly — you don’t get to choose whether or not to comply, because if you wanted to fight the legal battle, you would not have settled in the first place.

      eHarmony also rejects people who are younger than 60 who have been married 2 or more times (and presumably divorced when they fill out their profile), and they also reject people for personality characteristics like their level of happiness, and whether or not they are social or aloof. The problem is that those characteristics are subjective, and who is eHarmony to decide who is acceptably social or happy versus those who are not.

      I’d be psyched to see all of the people who got rejected from eHarmony for totally subjective reasons (assuming there is no indication of sociopathic behavior or any history of it) band together and hit them with a class action suit.


      • Druk Says:

        The problem is that the lawsuit got far enough for EH to settle. It should have been thrown out as soon as it was filed. Who is EH to decide anything? THE ONES SELLING THEIR SERVICES TO YOU.
        Imagine if I sold WW2 memorabilia, but refused to sell to any Neo-Nazis. Do you think I should then be the victim of a class-action lawsuit?
        Or let’s say I was a gun dealer, should I be forced to sell to people with recognizable gang tattoos?


  2. Kit Says:

    The whole thing is complete twaddle. EHarmony is a business, and they’re entitled to market to whomever they like- you don’t sue a dress shop for not carrying men’s suits, you can’t sue a Burger King for not carrying the Big Mac, and you should not be able to sue a website that caters to straights for not serving gay and lesbian mate seekers.
    I’m POLY, and most social matching sites don’t permit MY demographic either- you know why? Most of their clients are looking for someone who’s monogamous!
    I don’t care – I use sites that DO cater to my niche demographic , and don’t think *I* have the right to tell someone else what their business model should be.
    EHarmony should never have settled- but it’s costly to fight today’s entitlement crowd, and the suit should never have made it as far as it did.


  3. James Hughes Says:

    I support gay rights and the way to do so is not by infringing on the rights of a business owner to run their business they way the see fit.

    If we were talking about a government agency, that would be a legitimate issue. Government can not discriminate on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, or race.

    Private organizations, and individuals do have that right.


  4. Rory Says:

    I am a little bit confused as to which person in the gay community complained that e-harmony was being homo-phobic. We have to remember that the gay community basically started social networking and in particular online dating with sites like Gaydar.

    Why would a gay person ever need e-harmony? They’ve been doing it twice as good for twice as long already.


  5. Mittie Duong Says:

    Extremely nice post, genuinely beneficial stuff. Never ever imagined I would obtain the facts I need in this article. I have been looking all over the web for a while now and was starting to get irritated. Fortunately, I happened onto your blog and received precisely what I was hunting for.


  6. EM Says:

    Over and over and over and over … I just see more and more evidence that the private enterprise system does not work.

    This is just one of tens of thousands of examples that I have been following.

    I could care less about dating sites. Or about whether or not they engender the fomenting of same-sex unions. Ho-hum (yawn).

    No, what I care about is the destruction of capitalism. The complete and absolute destruction of the private enterprise system.

    And eHarmony is just another nail in the coffin.

    Thank you.


  7. Phil Says:

    I run a taco cart.
    Guy complains that I don’t sell hamburgers
    Court forces me to sell hamburgers
    Guy complains that it’s taco meat in a bun
    Go to a hamburger joint for a hamburger, a taco joint for a taco
    Courts shouldn’t decide this.


  8. No Says:

    fucking fags need to die right now


  9. poser, the Says:

    Oh no, a private company offering a specialized service catered to a specifically limited few demographics offends the sensibilities of a few other select demographics. ****ing grow up people… no if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go file a lawsuit against because I’m white and I think I should be welcome on their site like everybody else on there.



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