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Update: Mean bloggers make Steve Harvey Cry!

27. October 2009


Our favorite atheist-hating bigot Steve Harvey has a long cry in the TV interview embedded below (conducted with some random ass-kissing Christian fruitloop.) Why? Because bloggers (oh man, those guys!) call him out on his hate speech against atheists and then his kids get online and find out the truth about dear old Dad! The […]

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Balloon Boy is a bigot

20. October 2009

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Unless you’ve really been living in magical dinosaur underearth land for a while, you’ve heard about Balloon Boy (Falcon Heene)’s hoaxed non-trip into the stratosphere via his dingbat dad Richard Heene’s jury-rigged hot air dirigible. What you might not know about is young Falcon’s love of re-enacting gay-bashing murder scenes whilst screaming the word “faggot”. […]

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eHarmony is a bigot

13. October 2009


It’s about six months since eHarmony launched “Compatible Partners“, the website they were forced to create as part of their settlement of a discrimination complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General. eHarmony made several long-term promises and commitments as part of this settlement, including the following: “We have made the commitment to the New Jersey […]

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