Pastor Steven Anderson is a bigot

Tue, Sep 22, 2009



Pastor Steve decides that giving checkpoint guards armed with Tazers a hard time is a great idea. Click through and watch the video. Belligerent retard much?

I was reading this article about Jimmy Carter’s latest controversial statement when I came to the bottom of the first page and saw this guy‘s name. I did a little investigation, and it turns out he’s received a lot more press attention than he merits by giving this sermon, entitled “Why I hate Barack Obama”. A sermon which includes such impressive feats of thousand-mile-staring brainsnatched-douchebaggery as praying that President Obama should melt like a snail, that “his children [should be] fatherless and his wife a widow,” and extensive polemic equating Obama with Hitler, Stalin, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

I honestly wouldn’t even recommend listening to it, because I did, and now I feel dirty. Suffice to say that he’s a poster-child for every negative cross-hugging fundazombie stereotype you can imagine, and a few that you can’t. There’s a pretty good post over here that outlines his position on homosexuality (Cliff’s notes: they should all be put to death and they’re busy recruiting and raping your kids.) Pastor Steve doesn’t even balk at publicly calling Barney Frank a ” faggot”.

Really, the more I read the more I realize that it gets much worse even than what I’ve outlined above.

I’d suggest checking out a few of the following links to try to get your head around this guy and his lunatic cult church. Expect to have your day ruined.

The Secret Service pays Pastor Steve a visit
Gospel of Hate: Arizona pastor Steve Anderson spews bile toward Obama, Frank, and homosexuals
Pastor Steven Anderson Allegedly Beaten, Tazed on US Soil By Border Patrol Agents
Pastor Steven Anderson prays for Obama’s death
Gun-toting Arizona protester belongs to hate-mongering pastor’s flock
Faithful Word Baptist Church
Steven Anderson Flips Out, Admits Business and Church Share an Address, Says He’s Been Contacted by U.S. Secret Service (w/Update)
Pastor Steve’s YouTube account

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8 Responses to “Pastor Steven Anderson is a bigot”

  1. Emily Says:

    I can see where the comparisons to Stalin and Hitler make sense (they were both leaders, like Obama is) but where the hell did the comparison to Dahmer come from??? Last time I checked, Obama has not raped, murdered, or eaten any human being.

    Either way, Obama isn’t like Stalin, Hitler, or Dahmer.


  2. Jane Fitzgerald Says:

    LOL! Another little wienie, totally ignorant of the Bible and what the Pastor means.

    I hate to tell you, but people are sick and tired of the ignorant ranting about racism and bigotry.

    Your song is over. Go find something to do with your time, instead of bashing a good man.


    • Hayden Frank Says:

      Sorry Jane,

      This is not a good man but he is a racist and a bigot.

      You cannot win anyone with hatred. Those who do become part of you are those who eventually will do hateful things because they themselves are full of spite and malice within them.

      Jesus came to preach a gospel of love. It does not mean we accept sin but it does mean His love is there to help people out of sin if we confess Him as our Lord and Savior and we receive Him into our hearts and in our lives as God.

      Knowing Jesus For Real is Never, Ever knowing Hate.

      This man obviously does not know Jesus for Real as of yet.


  3. Kurt Says:

    the man is simply preaching what the bible says. so when you call pastor steven anderson a bigot you need to be calling god a bigot


  4. Garland Elder Says:

    What I don’t get is their anti-Semetism. Jesus is a Jew, after all.


  5. Prady Says:

    Before I decided to focus on exnpsiog Beck as a liar, I was going to start The Fox News Review. The more I watched Beck, the more angry I became that someone could tell such obvious lies as get away with it. This piece is right on. There is a Roger Ailes blog, but there needs to be another one for every one of these other political activists involved in Murdoch’s propaganda machine.If I were just starting out, I’d pick the three stooges, i.e., Fox and Friends. Like Beck, they are easy pickings. They manipulate, lie and have guests who push a right wing agenda. Media Matters for America has declared war on Fox, and we all are soldiers in this fight. It is a fight for this country, not against conservative values. Fox is out to divide the people of the United States, and divided we will fall. There is nothing wrong with an opposition press/media, but Fox uses deceptions and manipulations of their viewers. It is a sophisticated propaganda channel that more people trust than any other media channel. We know that the trust is misplaced, and we should make it our mission to prove that trust to be misplaced. This ware requires activists willing to expose the truth and take it to FoxNation dot com, other right wing blogs and most important to independent voters where ever they can be found.This is a war for the soul of the nation. No guns, no boots; just guts and blogs. Mark has been fighting this struggle for a while, and for that he should be commended.



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