Lou Dobbs is a bigot

Tue, Sep 29, 2009


(Lou Dobbs comes within a hair’s breadth of describing Condoleeza Rice as “cotton-pickin'”. Good look, Grand Dragon Dobbs. The white hood really complements your tie.)

There are more than a few groups around now agitating for Lou Dobbs’s removal from television. The long-time broadcaster and host of CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” has in recent years become a central figure in the trend toward scapegoating (particularly Hispanic) immigrants and promoting the credibility of ridiculous right-wing conspiracy theories.

Among his crimes:

  • Stated “Illegal immigration is costing this country at least a hundred billion dollars a year in depressed wages, social costs, the cost of incarcerating. Just about a third of our prison system is made up of illegal aliens.” This (yet again, entirely false) statistic has been contradicted by none other than the U.S. Department of Justice, which reports that immigrants make up only a tiny proportion of the US prison population.
  • Dobbs often reports on the “Reconquista” movement, a supposed Mexican effort to reconquer the southwestern United States. At one point, Dobbs used evidence from a white supremacist group to make his case. This myth, which has been discredited as a view found only in the lunatic fringe, is another blatant attempt by Dobbs to characterize Mexican immigrants as “fearsome disease-bearing invaders.”
  • Dobbs repeatedly raises fear about alleged efforts to create a “North American Union,” between the United States, Canada and Mexico, despite the fact that the notion has been dismissed as a conspiracy theory by politicians and media outlets across the political spectrum, including by Dobbs’ CNN colleagues. Amusingly in the video he looks like a guy trying to make a mountain of a molehill; determined to see sinister Orwellian machinations where none exist, as others in the news item repeatedly point out.

Hysterically, Dobbs regards the groups that are organizing to pressure CNN to get his hate speech off the air as sinister “hateful” entities, “funded” by “a foreign agent” in order to “try to create an illusion of some sort of movement to get [him] off the airwaves.” He’s also keen on indulging in the kind of namecalling and snitfit schoolyard propaganda of which he accuses his opponents.

Spend a lot of time wandering through the intellectual quagmire of nutjob right-wing conspiracy theories, Lou? I bet you do.

Click here to join the campaign to get this bigoted turd magnet off the air


CNN got so sick of the bad press they were getting over this fucktard they paid him 8 million dollars to quit. Unfortunately he might be thinking about running for office now, Oy Vey.

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  1. Danial Barnthouse Says:

    One independent voice with NBC within the Tv show. This individual has a seriously tough immigration law plan. He graduated within the Harvard University. Right now he provides her a single Airwaves Show. He do not like your United states president.



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