Daniel Ford is a bigot

Tue, Sep 8, 2009


Some of you may be familiar with the Bernard Baran case. In the first 1980s “day-care-panic” case to secure a conviction, Baran, an openly gay daycare worker, was railroaded into serving a 22-year prison sentence. He was (dis)ably assisted by an incompetent lawyer, obviously coerced child “confessions”, and the general atmosphere of hysteria that permeated “childcare molester” trials of this sort at the time. No one, however, did so much to ensure that Baran spent enough time in prison to be raped and beaten over 30 times as Judge Daniel A. Ford.

Then a prosecutor, Ford wasted no opportunity to trumpet his hatred of all things of the gay, repeatedly referring to Baran inside and outside the courtroom as “the fag” and “that queer”. He edited out sections of the interview footage with the “molested children” shown to the jury in which the children deny any abuse by Baran, accuse other members of the daycare faculty of abuse or of witnessing abuse, are given rewards for their answers, and, most importantly, where interrogators were shown asking the same questions over and over—even after repeated denials—until a child gives them an affirmative answer.

Ford then withheld the unedited video from the grand jury ( itself an act of misconduct) and looks very likely to have withheld it from Baran’s trial attorney (who, unfortunately, was far from competent himself.) He also deliberately withheld from the defense police reports and DSS materials indicating that at least two of the children were very likely sexually abused by someone other than Baran.

An affidavit signed by Baran’s boyfriend at the time paints Ford as the homophobe that he surely is. According to the document, the D.A. spent an inordinate amount of time asking Baran’s boyfriend about his own sex life, employing variations of the word faggot, and using a mocking, drawn-out pronunciation of homosexual. During the trial, Baran’s boyfriend was pulled over by police officers and harassed on a daily basis. Ford told Baran’s boyfriend, illegally, that if he spoke with Baran or Baran’s defense attorney, he would be arrested.

The thing is, while Baran now attempts to put the pieces of his life back together, Ford has been racking up 20 years as a sitting judge on the Massachusetts Superior Court, no doubt enjoying life sucking on the nipple of the public tit and indulging his love of golf and spectator sports. thinks Ford should be cracking rocks himself right now for his outrageous perverting of the course of justice, and his consequent responsibility for the destruction of this innocent man’s life.

Sadly, prosecutors enjoy absolute immunity from civil rights lawsuits, even in cases of misconduct that lead to false convictions. The only way Ford’s actions in the Baran case could now be examined would be for one of the state’s legal ethics boards to open an investigation, either on its own or in response to a complaint. Baran himself would rather not be dragged through another trial–and who could blame him? Harvey Silverglate, one of Baran’s appellate attorneys says that if there’s no action in the coming months, he may file a complaint himself. We hope he does.

Dear Daniel A. Ford. Eat a thousand dicks that rain from the sky. You vile bigot.

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5 Responses to “Daniel Ford is a bigot”

  1. the sentinel Says:

    someone should hunt this asshole down and make him suffer.


  2. John J. Says:

    Daniel Ford is a homosexual. I met him at work once, he said some pretty suggestive things to me as a 16 year old.


  3. Daniel Ford Says:

    I think it’s funny that someone with my same name is homophobic, because I’m bisexual.
    I think the was being a “faggot” about it. Just because he doesn’t like gays, it gives him permission to just shit on the constitutional rights of someone. Because it makes sense.



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