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Lou Dobbs is a bigot

29. September 2009


(Lou Dobbs comes within a hair’s breadth of describing Condoleeza Rice as “cotton-pickin'”. Good look, Grand Dragon Dobbs. The white hood really complements your tie.) There are more than a few groups around now agitating for Lou Dobbs’s removal from television. The long-time broadcaster and host of CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” has in recent years […]

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Pastor Steven Anderson is a bigot

22. September 2009


I was reading this article about Jimmy Carter’s latest controversial statement when I came to the bottom of the first page and saw this guy‘s name. I did a little investigation, and it turns out he’s received a lot more press attention than he merits by giving this sermon, entitled “Why I hate Barack Obama”. […]

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Dr. Ted Baehr is a bigot

15. September 2009


I was reading this news article today. It discusses the fact that “Creation”, the new movie about the life of Charles Darwin has failed to secure a US distributor, as his theory of evolution has been deemed “too controversial” for American audiences. When I was done weeping over that particular extreme fact of Fail (which […]

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