Mike Heath is a bigot

Tue, Aug 11, 2009


Why yes! I do believe I AM a grinning, goofy-ass-looking douchebag!

Why yes! I do believe I AM a grinning, goofy-ass-looking douchebag!

Some of you may be familiar with Mike Heath, evangelical Christian “activist” and mind casualty extraordinaire. His manifold utterances are a veritable treasure trove of anti-gay hate speech. There’s a pretty good overview here, but for a small sampling of the cogno-drivel that exudes daily from his snaggle-toothed piehole, read on:

“Few people would be bold enough to suggest the cause of the endless rain and gloom, that the moral climate in Maine has caused the sun to hide its face in shame. In May, our elected officials overturned a law of nature, and in its place paid honor to evil and unnatural practices. Our leaders allowed a cloud of error to hide the light of reason, and then the rain began.

-Mike explaining how legalizing homosexual marriage causes bad weather.

“This “new law” must be rejected because it doesn’t qualify as a law! Laws have to be fair and just. This one clearly is not just. It presupposes that something which is fundamentally wrong and immoral (homosexuality) can qualify someone for the high status of marriage. That is obviously crazy.”

-Mike demonstrates his keen legal mind and lays down some irrefutable logic.

“I suspect that calling homosexuality an abomination probably fits into their definition of “outrageous hyperbole.”  That makes all Bible-believing Christians … Protestants … outrageously hyperbolic.”

-Mike cleverly manages to call homosexuality an abomination and alienate all non-Protestant Christian denominations (many of whom may actually have sympathy for his position) in the same breath.

Interested to see what else’s readership can dig up about this loon, and what your views on same-sex marriage are.

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6 Responses to “Mike Heath is a bigot”

  1. Michael Dietsch Says:

    I strongly believe that every straight atheist in the U.S. should strongly support our gay and lesbian neighbors in their pursuit of marriage rights.

    I have yet to find a compelling and intellectually rigorous defense of “traditional” marriage that doesn’t rely on holy books. If we walk away, as straight atheists, because this isn’t “our” fight, we cede the entire concept of marriage to the religious.

    Which means that we can happily roll over and allow the religious to deny us atheists our rights, as well.

    My wife and I haven’t decided whether we’ll have a child. If the “traditionalists” are right and one reason for marriage is procreation, they can nullify my marriage in the same breath that they nullify some gay marriages. (And this doesn’t even address the fact that many gay and lesbian couples do raise children.)

    This is our fight. This is my fight. I am a straight man in a happy, stable marriage to a beautiful woman. But this is my fight. I’m fighting on the principles I set out before, sure, but I’m also fighting for my many gay and lesbian friends, who deserve the same rights I do.


  2. Lou FCD Says:

    Well said, Michael. The fight for human rights is everybody’s fight.


  3. Tom Says:

    I went to high school with this slimeball. He was anything but a “Christian,” until he fell for his “born again” future wife. Then he “supposedly” cleaned up his act but soon went over the deep end. He was a more decent person when he was drunk and stoned. A most heinous, vile & despicable excuse for a human being.


  4. Jae Says:

    Even as a Christian I don’t agree with this guy…his words and actions are soooooooooo not cool. We may not agree with some people’s beliefs, but that doesn’t give us a right to be all in their business…if being homosexual is a sin, he needs to remember so is adultury, stealing, cheating, lying, etc etc….*sigh*


  5. AsKatKnits Says:

    I would really like to know where all these outspoken “moral majority” supporters are on REAL issues. Like AIDS in Africa, genocide in Darfur, the homeless in America, and the abuse of animals and children!

    Wait… like Global Warming, they think these are all the fault of homosexuals!

    Maybe someone needs to remind these people that Jesus came for ALL people. He is INCLUSIVE, not exclusive.

    Ignorance abounds in a sea of small minds.


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