Pat Robertson is a bigot

Tue, May 26, 2009


Ok, this one isn’t surprising anyone.

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  1. Alan Jennings Says:

    Did he die yet?


  2. Shelly Says:

    this chap the girl is going out with sounds like a loser. Ditch him and find a real man.


  3. David Says:

    “That’s so true, that is so true”…


  4. Gravity Says:

    Pat Robertson, bigot? No shit?


  5. Matt Oxley Says:

    wow…that’s not even biblically sound….as if that means a shit.


  6. Cory Says:

    Pat is the same guy who said God warned him about a devastating natural cataclysm that was supposed to happen then told everyone to pray.He closed his eyes and said some retarded prayer then after said event didn’t happen said that peoples prayers and “donations” pleased God enough to hold back on the destruction.I don’t care what Pat Robertson is all I know is that he is stupid and morons who pay him and believe him are even more so.


  7. st pudders Says:

    god bless america!!!!


  8. JaneRadriges Says:

    Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!


  9. TheGuy Says:

    he doesnt even attempt to hide it


  10. Dr. Tom Snyder Says:

    Pat is correct biblically, especially when it comes to marriage, business partnerships, and other close relationships. Marriage is for every man and woman who needs a real husband or wife, but the marriage will work better if both spouses are a committed Christian who loves God with all their heart, mind and strength. If your relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit suffers, your marriage will suffer. That’s not bigotry, that’s just common sense and biblical truth.


  11. Dr. Tom Snyder Says:

    Non Christians who don’t really understand the Bible and the Faith should not slander Christians and Christianity with their phony left-wing, atheist Identity Politics. They are the ones who are truly being intolerant.


    • admin Says:

      I’ll address these comments on an item-by-item basis.

      1) Pat is “correct” based on his narrow interpretation of a biblical passage. He (ironically) follows the lead of the mythological Belial he references by quoting scripture to his own purpose.

      His claims that “no fellowship [can exist] between an atheist and a believer in God” and that atheists “serve the devil” are inflammatory and would be enormously destructive to human society if taken seriously by any meaningful fraction of the population.

      2) You offer no support for your claim that marriage “work[s] better” between “committed Christian[s] who [love] God with all their heart, mind and strength” or “If your relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit suffers, your marriage will suffer” beyond simple assertion and appeal to an authority which any non-Christian will reject.

      3) With regard to any of the above declarations being “common sense”, I fail to see how they can be, when Christians represent a minority of the world’s population. (Take a minute. Think it through.)

      4) The objective here is not to slander Christians. The objective is to expose people who (regardless of their reasons) accuse atheists collectively of “having no moral barometer”, of “serving the devil”, of not being able to “have fellowship” with non-atheists, of being “phony”, and of any number of other negative qualities or behaviours. If we don’t accept these kinds of public attacks on other communities, we shouldn’t accept them when they’re made on atheists either.

      5) No person or group should have to “tolerate” slander or libel.


  12. LibertyBlessed Says:

    Wow! Hate that guy.

    I have been married to a Christian lady for twenty years. I was a Atheist when we married. I told her I was not a Christian. Granted we disagree on religious issues but relationships are not about religion! Oh, crap did I write that out loud?

    If there is a devil, he is even embarrassed at the bigotry of Pat Robertson.


  13. Jennifer Says:

    It’s so funny how on every web site or blog where people are slandering Christians, whether it’s Pat Robertson or someone else, the comments are always profane, misspelled, hostile, tacky, trashy, grammatically incorrect, irreverent, misquoted, uneducated, unfoundedly accusatory, indecipherable, ambiguous, intolerant, disgusting, and at long last, quite boring.


  14. Mark Greene Says:

    This crap is typical of Pat Robertson, so it comes as no surprise.
    And Jennifer, you merely described yourself.


  15. Scott Bachmann Says:

    You’re an idiot.


  16. Romualdo Says:

    Elton John is like the new Billy Graham! haha, when the rich and powerful (like Eminem) are ready to begin pilbuc repentance of their homophobia, who-ya-gonna-call? EJ! Yes, Elton Made Me Do It after I finally met a homosexual (albeit the most famous homo in the world), only THEN did I realize how WRONG I had been about the mo’s we’ll see



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